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Actor Eric Stoltz has played some very interesting, not to mention significantly diverse characters. I’d only ever seen two people walk like madmen at this time of the morning – I saw Chris Walken walking towards me at 6am once. Anyway, Quentin gave me the script for Killing Zoe. After Killing Zoe, I produced a film called Sleep with Me and I hired Quentin as an actor. We had two weeks of rehearsal on the sets, which is very rare – it was a low-budget film, about million at the time, so we had to really have our act together. I loved your final episode, where Mandy Patinkin comes back and fires everyone. He played Stoner Bud in the legendary 1982 comedy hit “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, won raves for his turn as the disfigured Rocky Dennis in “Mask” (1985), won hearts as teen rebel Keith Nelson in John Hughes’ classic “Some Kind of Wonderful” (1987) and as Martin Brundle in “The Fly II” (1989), proved a man can ‘Fly’. Anyway, I saw this giant red watch, from some comic book or something – and I knew then, that it had to be Quentin. Quentin came down, and I think that’s when he gave me the Pulp Fiction script. We would go out and eat together, and it was lovely. It was so much fun – and I think that comes across in the film. When you’re doing something challenging and fun and everybody is in it for the right reasons it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a hit or not. Whenever I see anything from Pulp Fiction, a wonderful feeling just comes over me. I recall you on “Mad About You” I think I did one a year- maybe two a year.

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It was interesting doing all that green-screen – because I’d never done that much of it. It was nice having Dean Devlin down there and Bryan Singer’s people…Bryan never showed up because he was doing Superman.

No, Helen and I did a play and later, a film together – The Waterdance – and she just called and asked whether I’d be on her show.