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BIFZ - Burns Interagency Fire Zone BIGA - Buyers Independent Group Australia BIGB - BISR - Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource BISS - Baltic International Summer School BIST - Built-in self-test BISU - Beijing International Studies University BISV - Berkeley in Silicon Valley BISW - Business Incubation South West BISX - BITA - British Industrial Truck Association BITB - Bats In The Belfry; BITC - Business in the Community BITD - Best In The Desert BITE - beer in the evening BITF - Black Information Technology Forum BITG - Business Information Technology Group BITH - Bird In The Hand BITI - Beijing Information Technology Institute BITK - Bayaran Insentif Tugas Kewangan BITL - Business Information Technology Leadership BITM - birds in the meadow BITN - Bump In The Night BITO - Boating Industry Training Organisation BITP - Biotech Industrial Training Programme BITR - Brothers In The Revolution BITS - Bugs In The System BITT - BJCA - Bradshaw Johnson Chartered Accountants BJCB - Bill James Classic Baseball BJCC - Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex BJCE - Braz. BLTC - British Language Training Centre BLTD - Better Living Through Design BLTF - Bali Lombok Travel Forum BLTG - Boston Law Technology Group BLTI - Better Living Through Introspection BLTJ - Bell Labs Technical Journal BLTK - BMCM - Black Mountain College Museum BMCO - British Motor Club of...

BMCP - Black Mass Communication Project BMCR - Bryn Mawr Classical Review BMCS - Bristol Muslim Cultural Society BMCT - British Motorcycle Charitable Trust BMCU - Blue Mountain Credit Union BMCV - Biologically Motivated Computer Vision BMCW - BMDM - Building Materials Durability Model BMDN - Black Music Development Network BMDO - BALLISTIC MISSILE DEFENSE ORGANIZATIONBMDP - Bone Marrow Donor Programme BMDR - Business Major Degree Requirements BMDS - Bio Medic Data Systems BMDT - Billy Mitchell Drill Team BMDU - Bulgarian Medical Doctors Union BMDV - BMIP - Brisbane Marine Industry Park BMIR - Burning Man Information Radio BMIS - British Medical Informatics Society BMIT - BRIAN MOORE INTERNATIONAL TOURSBMIU - Black Men In Union BMIV - British Midlands International Virtual.

Today many people are familiar with this puzzle and its solution.

In the 1970s, however, very few were even aware of its existence, even though it had been around for almost a century.

BBPI - BBRC - British Birds Rarities Committee BBRD - Barefoot Bay Recreation District BBRE - Bong Bong Real Estate BBRF - Back Bay Restoration Foundation BBRG - Back Bay Restaurant Group BBRH - Beau Bassin Rose Hill BBRI - Boston Biomedical Research Institute BBRK - BBRM - Building Better Reegional Museums BBRN - Bevel Based Round Nose.

BBRO - British Beet Research Organisation BBRP - Bad Bad Rubber Piggy BBRR - Braddock Bay Raptor Research BBRS - Burks Behavior Rating Scales BBRT - Beyond Budgeting Round Table BBRU - BBTN - Bring Back The Noise BBTO - Bronx Borough Training Organization BBTP - Better Blood Transfusion Programme-BBTR - Big Bear Trail Riders BBTS - British Blood Transfusion Society BBTT - Blues By The Tracks BBTU - Beginning Balance Transfer Utility BBTV - Banana bunchy top virus BBTW - BCAK - Breast Cancer Action Kingston BCAL - Bureau Conseils Assurances Lepage BCAM - British Columbia Aviation Museum BCAN - Bristol Christian Action Network BCAO - British Columbia Association of BCAP - Boulder County AIDS Project BCAQ - BCBI - Beijing Chinese Business Institute BCBL - Beardsley Championship Baseball League BCBM - Bergen County Beis Medrash BCBN - British Croatian Business Network BCBO - Bulgarien Chess Boxing Organisation BCBP - Business Continuity: Best Practices BCBQ - BCCM - Belfast City Centre Management BCCN - Bethany Cell Church Network BCCO - Building Code Compliance Office BCCP - based courier company providing BCCQ - Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Questionnaire BCCR - British Columbia Construction Roundtable BCCS - Blue Chip Computer Systems BCCT - BCEL - Byte Code Engineering Library BCEM - Benton County Emergency Management BCEN - Birmingham Community Empowerment Network BCEO - Bluffton College Education Organization BCEP - Bradford Community Environment Project BCEQ - BCEZ - Baguio City Economic Zone BCFA - BRITISH CONTRACT FURNISHING ASSOCIATIONBCFB - Bosque County Farm Bureau BCFC - Birmingham City Football Club BCFD - Boulder Creek Fire Department BCFE - Boundary Committee for England BCFF - Breast Cancer Family Foundation BCFG - Business Capital Financial Group BCFH - BCFI - British Columbia Freshwater Institute BCFK - British Commonwealth Forces Korea BCFL - Baltimore Catholic Forensic League BCFM - Broadcast Cable Financial Management BCFN - British Columbia First Nations BCFO - British Columbia Field Ornithologists BCFP - Brocade Certified Fabric Professional BCFR - Boone County Family Resources BCFS - BCGM - Bob Campbell Geology Museum BCGN - Breast Cancer Genetics Network BCGP - Bexar County Green Party BCGQ - Brevard College Guitar Quartet BCGR - Black Canyon Ghost Riders BCGS - Baltimore Classical Guitar Society BCGT - Big Country Golf Tours BCGU - Business Consulting Group Unlimited BCGW - BCHA - Bournemouth Churches Housing Association BCHB - Burnham''s Celestial Hand Book BCHC - Bridgeport Community Health Center BCHD - Beach Cities Health District BCHE - Bradley County Home Educators BCHF - Bristol Community Housing Foundation BCHG - BCHS - Bayshore Community Health Services BCHT - Bradford Community Housing Trust BCHU - Brant County Health Unit BCIA - Building Controls Industry Associations BCIB - Big Cats in Britain BCIC - Bennington County Industrial Corporation BCID - BCLI - British Columbia Law Institute BCLL - Bridge City Little League BCLM - Black Country Living Museum BCLN - Bucks County Library Network BCLO - Bluff Country Learning Options.

At the first stages, all the participants in Guilford’s original study censored their own thinking by limiting the possible solutions to those within the imaginary square (even those who eventually solved the puzzle).

Even though they weren’t instructed to restrain themselves from considering such a solution, they were unable to “see” the white space beyond the square’s boundaries.

Overnight, it seemed that creativity gurus everywhere were teaching managers how to think outside the box.

BCLP - Business Critical Linux Platform BCLQ - BCMA - British Complementary Medicine Association BCMB - Beverage Container Management Board BCMC - British Columbia Mountaineering Club BCMD - Blood Cells Mol. BCME - Beverage Can Makers Europe BCMF - Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival BCMG - Birmingham Contemporary Music Group BCMH - Bikur Cholim- Machzikay Hadath BCMI - Begonia City Motor Inn BCMJ - BCNE - Business Clubs North East BCNF - British Columbia Neurofibromatosis Foundation BCNG - Brunch Conversations Networking Group BCNH - Bedford County Nursing Home BCNI - Butterfly Conservation Northern Ireland BCNJ - BCNZ - British Council New Zealand&#BCOA - Basenji Club of America BCOB - Baptist Church of Beaufort BCOC - Berkeley Chamber of Commerce BCOD - Bulldog Club of Denver BCOE - Bourns College of Engineering BCOF - British Commonwealth Occupation Force BCOG - Bethel Church of GODBCOH - Brentwood Center of Health BCOI - Battle Cry Of Innocence BCOJ - Brewery Convention of Japan BCOL - BCOS - Bipolar Comprehensive Outcomes Study BCOT - Basingstoke College of Technology BCOU - British Columbia Open University BCOW - Behavioral Correlates of War BCPA - Business Continuity Planners Association BCPB - BCPN - Boolean Constraint Propagation Networks BCPO - Belfountain Community Planning Organization BCPP - Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership BCPR - Bioastronautics Critical Path Roadmap(BCPS - Baltimore County Public Schools BCPT - Baldwin County Public Transportation BCPU - BCQS - Belgian Construction Quality Society BCRA - British Cave Research Association BCRB - British Columbia Review Board BCRC - Breast Cancer Resource Center BCRD - Blaine County Recreation District BCRE - Bexley Council for Racial Equality BCRF - Breast Cancer Recovery Foundation BCRG - Business Cost Reduction Group BCRH - Bass Coast Regional Health BCRI - Birmingham Civil Rights Institute BCRL - Business Computer Research Lab BCRM - British Cancer Research meeting BCRN - BCRO - Border Collie Rescue Ontario BCRP - Banco Central de Reserva del Peru BCRQ - Basic Case Reading Questions BCRR - Bayou City Road Runners BCRS - Black Country Reinvestment Society BCRT - Breast Cancer Research Trust BCRU - British Columbia Rugby Union BCRV - BCRZ - by Christopher Robin Zimmerman BCSA - b Constructional Steelwork Association BCSB - Banking Codes Standards Boards BCSC - British Columbia Securities Commission BCSD - Brighton Central School District BCSE - BUTLER CLIMBING SUPPLY Equipment BCSF - British Columbia Snowmobile Federation BCSG - British Carp Study Group BCSH - BCSW - Bank Card Services Worldwide BCSZ - Beaver Creek Shear Zone BCTA - Beaver County transit Authority BCTB - Basic Combat Training Brigade BCTC - British Columbia Touring Council BCTD - BATTLE COMMAND TRAINING DIVISIONBCTE - Benedict College Teacher Education BCTF - Bushmeat Crisis Task Force BCTG - Black Country Training Group BCTH - Binary Composition Tree Hardware: BCTI - BCTN - Binnenlandse Container Terminals Nederland BCTO - Basket Club Terlanen Overijse BCTP - Battle Command Training Program BCTQ - Burness Corlett Three Quays BCTR - baltimore city teaching residency BCTS - Black Catholic Theological Symposium BCTT - Banking Cash Transaction Tax BCTU - Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit BCTV - BCYO - Bristol City Youth Offenders BCYP - british columbia youth parliament BCYR - Blount County Young Republicans BCYS - Birmingham Catholic Youth Service BCYT - Berwickshire Christian Youth Trust BCYV - BDAE - boston diagnostic aphasia examination BDAF - Banque Des Antilles Fran BDAG - Business Development Assistance Group BDAH - BRANSON DELUXE AUTUMN HARVESTBDAI - Business Deposit Account Information BDAK - Bewahrer des alten Kodex BDAL - BDCP - Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program BDCR - Bro Dyfi Community Renewables BDCS - Bob Dang Computer Systems BDCT - block discrete cosine transform BDCU - Berrima District Credit Union BDCV - Boyfriend Deluxe Commitment Version BDCW - Bwrdd Datblygu Cymru Wledig BDCX - BDMA - British Damage Management Association BDMB - Black Dyke Mills Band BDMC - Beijing Dragons Motorcycle Club BDMD - Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf BDMF - Biology Department Microscopy Facility BDMG - Browsing Damage Management Group BDMI - Brule Digital Memories Inc. BFAO - Beauty For All Occasions BFAP - Broadland Flood Alleviation Project BFAQ - BFAR - Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration BFAS - Blondeau Fine Art Services BFAT - British Football Academy Tokyo BFAU - Brug For Alle Unge.