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About 10 minutes pass before the man and the prostitute leave the room.

He gets back into his truck and drives away, and she walks to a vending machine to buy a soft drink.

"But I can't really say we've had many emergencies."At Newell's suggestion, The Memphis Flyer reviewed five years' worth of complaints that occurred at Wayside Inn, formerly the Little Gun Motel, at 1462 Elvis Presley Boulevard.

Thirty-four police reports have been taken since 1992.

From my motel-room window, I can see him fidgeting with the bill on his baseball cap.

"Hourly-rate motels lead to crime, and they bring unsavory characters into our neighborhood."Another neighborhood activist, Mary Wilder of the Vollintine-Evergreen Community Association, says most of the motel owners don't care about the neighborhoods in which they operate because they don't live in those neighborhoods. When she sees my duffel bag, she looks disappointed. "There are some regular girls that work out of them," says Lt.Four businesses sued, taking their cases all the way to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, where the appellate judges ruled that, while the ordinance was constitutional, the appeals process that the city council created for it was not.The ordinance required appeals to go through the state courts, even though the city had no power to schedule the appeals, which had to be heard in a timely fashion, according to the federal judges. "It's like a beautiful car without wheels," says assistant city attorney Patti Bowlan.The motels persist as the most accessible place in Memphis to both buy and have cheap sex, and they continue to blight declining neighborhoods.

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Most hourly-rate motels are located in three areas of town: on Lester Avenue off Summer near Binghamton, the northern end of Elvis Presley Boulevard as it turns into Bellevue, and certain spots along South Third. HOOKERS IN MEMPHIS HAVE TWO BASIC choices concerning where they can service their "johns"--in the customer's car or in hourly-rate motels.Crimes in hourly-rate motels often go unreported, argues Carolyn Mc Kenzie, an activist with Citizens for Community Values, a conservative political organization.

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